Colombia the land of Macondo, the fate of the legend of El Dorado. A paradise all year round, with a tropical climate in which there are no seasons, but contrasts and biodiversity to prove your imagination. Our 3 mountain ranges !!, recreate scenarios for all tastes: High mountains, lakes and reservoirs in the interior, beaches and 2 oceans with fantastic places to dive. And if diversity is involved, in gastronomy we are kings. To the Colombians we are united by the taste for the rich and varied food. You can find Caribbean and Pacific seafood, rich soups and creams in the center of the country and over 150 kinds of different fruits.


Colombians are as different as our flowers and fruits, a mixture of traits, races and accents, however we all have the same cheerful heart, full of desire to get ahead and enthusiastic. If something distinguishes us from Colombians, it is the warmth and friendliness, characteristics that will captivate them and make them feel like a lifelong friend. Here we wait, welcome !!

Bogotá and surroundings

Bogotá is a big city full of things to see, but the displacement can be complicated due to the traffic. As typical plans are, visit the city center: the district of Candelaria, the Palace of Nariño where the president lives, Plaza de Bolivar, Quinta de Bolivar. In the center you will also find two important museums: the one of the Gold and the one of the painter Fernando Botero. You can also take the cable car to Monserrate mountain where there is a church, a restaurant, but above all a spectacular view of the city..

As areas to go out to eat, dine, drink a few drinks we recommend Zone T, Zone G and Parque de la 93. The shopping can be done at the Andino Shopping Center, El Retiro Shopping Center, Atlantis Plaza, Hacienda Santa Bárbara the Unicentro. 

Cartagena de Indias - Colonial History

Historical Patrimony of the Humanity, is a fantastic city that keeps the secrets of history in its walls and balconies, in its constructions and in its narrow stone ways.


Its sunsets transform the colors of the facades of houses of more than 400 years and they enchant to the visitors. This city, with colonial treasures preserves the colonial architecture of its constructions and the most complete set of fortifications of South America. 

Cartagena de Indias, adds to the charms of its colonial, republican and modern architecture, the attractions of an intense nightlife, cultural festivals, exuberant landscapes, magnificent beaches, making it one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world.

San Andrés and Providencia, sea of ​​7 colors

Bathing in natural pools, sunbathing on calm beaches, dancing to the rhythm of reggae and enjoying the delicious gastronomy of the Antilles, are plans you can make in San Andrés.

The island offers white sand beaches that embrace the green of the palm trees; its sea also known as the sea of ​​7 colors, is famous for its charm and unique colors.

Visit the head of Morgan, who remembers the English pirate Henry Morgan, and learn the stories of treasures and struggles of the seventeenth century. Visit Jonny Cay, the blowing hole, the pool and more.

Live the coffee culture

You can get to know the coffee culture closely by visiting haciendas where it is taught how to grow, thresh and roast this grain, to its emapque to become an export type coffee. 

Visit the towns detained in time and discover why UNESCO declared World Heritage Colombian Cultural Landscape Cafetero. 

Amazon - Wilderness

The Amazon is one of the favorite destinations for adventure tourism. Its 110,000 square kilometers guard the magical appeal of the jungle and 45 indigenous communities that inhabit it. Exploring the manigua, sharing with the Yaguas, Cocamas or Ticunas, visiting Isla de los Micos, knowing the anaconda and navigating the Amazon River in search of the pink dolphins are some of the surprises offered by this ecological reserve of the world. 

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