Bogota is the capital of Colombia, the attractions and tourist places in Bogota are innumerable, in this great city we find all kinds of alternatives for tourism, fun and shopping. Visiting the surroundings of Bogota offers us options for extreme sports, adventure and ecological walks. There are hotels for all budgets and excellent restaurants of all kinds of food.


The Bogota Airport is inaugurating an air terminal, with this the discomforts for travelers by plane were solved. Located in the center of the country on an extensive plain in the Cordillera de los Andes at 2,600 meters above sea level, it has a population close to eight million inhabitants from all corners of the world. It is a city as diverse as the whole country, it is the most important cultural center in Colombia and a place with hundreds of places to know and activities to do.

Type of currency

What currency is handled in Colombia?

The Colombian peso or COP. The entity in charge of its control is the Banco de la República and on its website you can find out the different currencies and bills that are currently in circulation.


Money management

In Colombia the use of traveler's checks is not very widespread, therefore it is better to use credit, debit or cash cards. Try not to load all your money in cash or bank cards, carry the money necessary for your daily activities and, whenever possible, keep your money and personal belongings in the hotel safe. If you need money exchange, always do it in the authorized exchange houses and banks, never do it on the street or in unauthorized places. You can find exchange houses and banks in airports, shopping centers and areas and some hotels. In the tourist information points and hotels you can indicate the location of these agencies.


As in any other big city in the world, take care of your personal belongings and do not neglect them. Allow guides, inhabitants and tourism professionals to tell you the best places to visit.


Be especially careful in places with high crowds of people such as public transport, mass events and commercial centers or sectors. Do not neglect and keep your documents, money, jewelry, cell phones and any other item of value in a safe place.


When you go to do rural tourism, always go accompanied by tour guides and qualified personnel to do these tours. Do not deviate from the routes. The complicated Colombian geography makes getting lost easy.

Electric Power

Throughout the Colombian territory, domestic electric power is 110 volts alternating current to 60 hertz (110V AC, 60Hz). In industrial facilities or specific uses is 220 volts of alternating current to 60 hertz (220V AC, 60Hz).


In the market it is easy to get current adapters and voltage regulators, however it is always advisable to check the technical indications of the devices that are going to be used in Colombia. The electrical connectors or plugs used in Colombia are of the American type, with two flat input pins (Type A plug) or with a third round pin (Type B plug). In the market it is possible to find adapters for these plugs, especially for devices with European connectors (Plug Type C or Europlug), however for other types of connectors it is necessary to resort to stores specialized in electricity.


When you use public transport, always do it in the terminals and places specially designed for it. If you must take a taxi, try to call any of the local companies that provide this service or in the areas demarcated for this purpose.


If you travel by car or rent one, do not leave it parked on the street. Always go to parking lots and specialized sites for this purpose.


In most hotels, restaurants, airports and shopping areas there are safe parking places. So that this point is not a concern we have different services to help you, from airport pick-up to private trips.

Other questions

Which countries need a visa to enter Colombia?
In total, 105 countries require a visa to enter Colombia, most of them are Asian and African countries. Know them in detail on the website of the Foreign Ministry.

Is it necessary to get vaccinated?

When entering Colombia, no vaccination is required for any person but, depending on the destination within the country, there may be some recommendations. To know what care to take before visiting regions such as the Amazon you can visit the website of


Does Colombia have stations?
No. Our climate depends on the thermal floors, which vary according to the position of each of our cities. So that when traveling the country, you can find temperatures greater than 30 ° C or even temperatures below 0.

Bogotá with Children

In fun for children Bogota offers amusement parks such as:

  1. Parque Salitre Mágico

  2. Mundo Aventura

  3. Divercity

  4. Panaca Savana

  5. Cici Aquapark.

  6. Parque Jaime Duque

  7. Parque Multiparque

Night life

The city of Bogotá has several areas of nightclubs, bars and cafes. Among these are:

  • The neighborhood La Macarena, has restaurants and bars of different styles, knowing the place as the area M.

  • The Zona Rosa, located north of the city, near the Andean commercial center. Opposite its exit is zone T, which is a cobbled pedestrian passage where there are restaurants, cafes, stores and jewelry stores with attractive showcases and a traveling gallery where photography exhibitions take place.

  • Usaquén, one of the northernmost locations in the capital, in the midst of Republican mansions and pedestrian streets, there are numerous bars, clubs and cafes.

  • La Calera, a neighboring municipality of Bogotá, gathers numerous discotheques visited especially during the night, taking advantage of the excellent view that one has of the capital.

  • Other leisure areas located to the south of the city are the Primero de Mayo Avenue at the Boyacá Avenue and the Restrepo neighborhood. In addition, a prominent area of ​​bars and clubs is growing in the vicinity of the neighboring municipality of Chia.


  • National Museum: To know the history of Colombia. It keeps archaeological, ethnographic, artistic, historical and modern pieces.

  • Gold Museum: The Gold Museum houses one of the most important pre-Hispanic metallurgical collections in the world. Here you can find goldsmith, metal and ceramic pieces from the indigenous cultures of the country. Within the collection are the Muisca Balsa and the Poporo Quimbaya, symbols of the museum.

  • Botero Museum: Collection of works by Renoir, Dalí, Chagall, Picasso, Miró and other great names of art from the 19th and 20th centuries, the donation of the Master Fernando Botero, of whom there are also 123 works, is one of the art collections most important in the country.

  • Maloka: Maloka is an interactive museum, where the public of all ages can learn science while playing and experimenting. In addition to the permanent exhibition has a dome cinema for projection of 70 mm films. and two 3D digital cinema rooms.

  • Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá: The MAMBO's function is to show and disseminate modern and contemporary art. In its facilities there is also the Los Acevedo movie theater that presents cycles of art cinema and non-commercial films.

Plan "Sunday"

  • Cerro de Monserrate: Monserrate is the largest icon of the city. This hill can be accessed by funicular, cable car or on foot by stairs, here you can find the Sanctuary of the fallen Lord, the viewpoint, restaurants of Colombian food and sale of handicrafts and typical products.

  • Flea markets: Every Sunday morning these bazaars take the center and the north of the city. In San Alejo and Usaquén you can find antiques, gifts, crafts, records, used products and typical food; It is the perfect place to buy and exchange rare and old items.

  • Ciclovía: Sundays and holidays in Bogotá are for bicycles. From 7 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon, more than 120 kilometers of roads are closed to motor traffic to make way for sport and recreation. The Ciclovía also has spaces for aerobics, extreme sports, concerts, yoga and other activities.

  • Historical Center of La Candelaria: The Historic Center of La Candelaria is a magical place, here are the houses that received the colonial life and the independence movement, the balconies and wooden doors are the witnesses of the passage of time and the present, to Few meters from the historic center is the international center with its offices and modern buildings. In the center of the city, it's like a time machine that takes you from the 18th to the 21st century in a few blocks.


Business hours

Most of the commercial establishments open from Monday to Saturday between 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. until approximately 7: 00/9: 00 p.m. Some warehouses close at noon, between 12 m and 2 p.m.



Tips are economic rewards that are given as thanks for a good service and for the product consumed. In Colombia, for some services, 10% of the value to be paid is included in the bill. Remember that tipping is a totally voluntary act, although its value is included in the bill.

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